Credits in our website - What it is?

You don't need to buy credits to activate your ads because the listings are free. Your ad is active as soon as you insert it. However if you want to feature or highlight your properties you will benefit from our paid plans.
Our system of credit works as charging a mobile phone. You can buy as many credits as you want and your personal account will charged by one of the possible plans of your choice.

Featured: A Featured Ad is highlighted always on top of our website in the listings and searches. This makes the property more visible.

Highlight: An ad appears highlighted with a bright color in the listings of our site. It also makes the property more visible.

1 credit = 1 euro (buy credits in U.S. Dollars to Brazil Reais or the value is converted to current exchange rates)
1 credit = 6 days of a Featured ad
1 credit = 12 days of a highlighted ad.

So, for example, if you want to feature a listing for 30 days you need to buy 5 credits.
The moment you sign up we offer 1 credit in order to feature or highlight a listing.

Differences between free and paid listings:

- Ads-unlimited (you can put as many properties as you like)
- Time-unlimited
- 5 photos
- 0 videos
- 1 Free Features for 6 days or 1 Highlights for 12 days

- You can Feature or Highlight properties as you wish using you credits.
- Ads-unlimited (you can put as many properties as you like)
- Packages of extra photos, videos, extra time and limited to the chosen package (Various packages available with many options to choose from.)
Jan 21, 2011

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