Full titles

When adding a new real estate listing, perhaps the most important point is the title or "headline" because it is a title that appears in search engines like Google, yahoo, cnn, Bing and many others.

So the title should always include: Property Type the word Lease or rent, the reason for and location of the lease area, city, state and country.

Correct example: Rent for vacations 1 bedroom apartment with sea views in Natal, Brazil.

Wrong Example: Rent beautiful apartment in Brazil.

The title can have up to 100 characters. So try to be simple but as complete as possible.

Then try to complete all the data relating to real estate to avoid wasting time.

The photos are also very important. Photos updated, clear, crisp, with a view interior and exterior.

Sometimes customers do not allow tourists a particular property, it is not because it is not good, but because it gives an image sloppy, incomplete or insufficient on the property.

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Jan 21, 2011

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